Our Services

SKL Planning provides expert, independent town planning services for all types of development, across all NSW local Council areas. 

Development Application (DA) Preparation

To submit a development application to Council a number of documents are required, including the preparation of a Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE). SKL will work in conjunction with you, including the coordination of specialist consultants as required, to prepare all documents required for lodgement of your DA to Council.

Our service can include the preparation of the SEE only, or the complete management of your Development Application from commencement through to lodgement with Council, until a determination is reached.

Planning Advice

SKL provides independent advice across all development types. These may include residential, secondary dwelling (granny flat), multi dwelling, subdivision, commercial and industrial developments. You may be seeking advice in relation to the suitability of sites for development or the preparation of an independent submission concerning a DA lodged with Council.

Contact us if you have any town planning or development matters you would like to discuss for an obligation free quote. We offer a straight forward and pragmatic approach to achieving quality built form outcomes.

Development and Planning Proposals

Development of a site for an alternative land use may require the land to be rezoned. This process involves approval at both the local and state government level and usually requires a number of specialist consultant reports to be prepared to support the rezoning request.

SKL can undertake the preparation of the Planning Proposal only, or the complete management of your Planning Proposal application to Council, from commencement through to gazettal of the LEP.