About Us

SKL Planning is a town planning consultancy that provides high quality advice across a range of town planning and development needs. We value our professional integrity as independent consultants who provide reliable advice and generate appropriate outcomes to meet your planning needs.

We assist individuals, architects and developers by preparing town planning advice and reports, as well as managing and lodging development applications.

Our staff have many years of experience in the town planning profession, working in both government and private sectors. Our knowledge, expertise and clear understanding of the requirements and processes of Councils, enables us to achieve positive results for our clients.

Examples of development types you may be seeking advice on include:

  • Alterations and additions to homes
    and other buildings
  • New houses and housing complexes
  • Commercial buildings
  • Multi-dwelling and mixed use developments
  • Subdivision applications
  • Changes of use
  • Affordable housing
  • Secondary Dwellings
  • Cluster Subdivisions